Seth Entertainment News BE INFORMED!!! Checkout The List Of Lists Activities Of Buratai As Chief Of Army Staff

BE INFORMED!!! Checkout The List Of Lists Activities Of Buratai As Chief Of Army Staff

A group of writers (Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA) has taken time to make a full and comprehensive list of  Activities Of Buratai As Chief Of Army Staff amid calls for ICC trial

Addressing a press conference on Sunday, the National Coordinator of HURIWA, Emmanuel Onwubiko, spoke on the allegations against the army during the period Buratai was in charge.

There have been allegations of human rights violations against the army by local and international human rights campaigners under the watch of Buratai and some activists, such as Deji Adeyanju had accused President Muhammadu Buhari of appointing the immediate past service chiefs as non-career Ambassador in order to shield them from the ICC.

Responding to these allegations which border on extra judicial killings, torture, extortion, arbitrary arrest and detention as well as sexual philandering or exploitation, poor detention facility and pitiable medical access and supplies to suspects in military detention centres, HURIWA listed some initiatives and measures taken by the former COAS to tackle such abuses by the personnel of the army.

Following the retirement of Buratai and other service chiefs last week, calls have been flying about for the International Criminal Court, ICC, to commence their trial.

But HURIWA believes there is nothing against the ex-service chiefs, adding that these allegations only succeeded in portraying the army in bad light and creating rancor and distrust between the army and the civil populace.

According to HURIWA, on resumption of office in 2015, Buratai, as a disciplined military strategist, understood the key roles of excellent civil military relations particularly in a period of multiple and dynamic security challenges such as terrorism, farmers – herdsmen clashes


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