Seth Entertainment Talk Zone DO YOU AGREE OR NOT? “Take Any Job To Pay Your Bills Until You Find Your Dream Job

DO YOU AGREE OR NOT? “Take Any Job To Pay Your Bills Until You Find Your Dream Job

Someone made a post on this two days ago. He said, “Take any job to pay your bills until you find your dream job. Pride doesn’t pay bills”.

Sounds great but I disagree. Mind you, pride in this context, pays. Going for your dream job is called determination not pride.

I have a friend I wouldn’t wanna mention his name, but I’m sure he’s reading this. This guy has been working for 20K salary for over a year and nothing to show for it. Earlier this month, he decided quit the job and guess what? Something great is about to happen. I’m not gonna say what it is, because of social media monitoring spirits.

According to a Facebook friend MikkyFirst, it is better to wait and search for your dream job. Because Nigeria is a place where once you get entangled with particular job, you hardly have time to look for your dream job.

Don’t get me wrong. I never said anyone should be completely jobless while waiting for his or her dream job. Hunger go kill you o. Get something doing, but taking any job that comes your way is really not advisable on the long run.

Except the salary is good, make a move!

Okay for instance, the song “REASON WITH ME” by Rudeboy. The video tells the story of losing love due to a poor financial state. In “Reason With Me” video, Rudeboy is a carpenter who was ditched by a girl that didn’t believe in his dreams. As fate would have it, things turned around and she ended up regreting she left him.

Rudeboy took the carpentery job to pay to his bills, yet couldn’t until he quitted, pursued his dream job and became rich within a short period of time.

Note: I’m not ignorant of the situation of the country or tryna sound insensitive. I know how hard life is for us here. We are together in this. So many dreams, talented young people, but no sponsors.

I know how many people I’ve once begged to assist me with cash to finance my media project. I know how many I’ve once begged to assist me with a house rent and money for food. I don’t wanna talk about it now tho. Smiles

So you see, we are together in this.

You get the point now. Some jobs are not worth it at all. May God help us all.

DO YOU AGREE OR NOT? “Take Any Job To Pay Your Bills Until You Find Your Dream Job

Let’s hear from you all.

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